Missy Mazzoli String Quartets & Trio (TBA)

Music by: Missy Mazzoli

Label: Rattle Records

Genre: Classical, Contemporary

Duration: 50 min (approx)

Description: An album featuring a selection of string quartets and string trio by acclaimed American composer Missy Mazzoli, performed by the Mazzoli Trio. 

Track: 1. Lies You Can Believe In (2006), 2. Harp & Altar (2009), 3. Quartet for Queen Mab (2015), 4. Death Valley Junction (2010), 5. You Know me From Here (2012).

Currently under Development

Performed by: Mazzoli Trio: Shauno Isomura (vln), Julie Park (vla), Sally Kim (cel), James Xin Jin (vln).

Mixing: Steve Garden (NZ)

Producer: Kenneth Young(NZ)

Recording: John Kim(NZ)

Country of origin: USA / New Zealand

TWELVE DOORS Tribute to Noriyuki Iwadare (2020)

Music by: Noriyuki Iwadare

Label: Wayo Records

Genre: Classical, Contemporary, VGM

Duration: 51min (approx)

Description: Celebrating 30 years of music by Japanese vgm composer legend Noriyuki Iwadare, Wayo Records present you a brand new and official tribute album featuring some of the composers most memorable and iconic melodies, beautifully arranged for a violin and piano duo setting.


The music has been arranged by renowned classical, film and jazz composers including Michiru Oshima ('Memories' from Hilary Hahn ‘24 Pieces', Ravel Quartet ‘from Far East’, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Beyond Point of No Return’), Eric Roth (Director, Conductor and Arranger of A New World Associate Music Director of Distant Worlds), Ryotaro Yagi (Legend of Zelda: Calamity of Ages, Demon Slayer Symphonic Suite 'Kimetsu no Kanade') and more. Performed by multi-award-winning superstar pianist Benyamin Nuss, international concert violinist Shauno Isomura. Proudly Recorded in New Zealand.


The album also includes a world premiere track ‘Overcome’ composed by Noriyuki Iwadare himself, and created especially for this album.

Track list: 1. Theme of GRANDIA (Grandia), 2. A Deus (Grandia II), 3. Grassy Plains of Illusion (GRANDIA X), 4. Romance on a Windy Isle (Grandia II), 5. Rihoko Sakurai's Theme (Amagami), 6. Player Phase 1 (Langrisser), 7. Sense (INGMAR for the beginning), 8. Lucia's Theme (Lunar II Eternal Blue), 9. Sandy Beach of Ganbo (Grandia),  10. The Last Battle (Lunar II Eternal Blue(, 11. TSU BA SA (Lunar Silver Star Story), 12. Overcome (Twelve Doors) 


Performed by: Shauno Isomura (vln), Benyamin Nuss (pno)

Composer/Arranger: Noriyuki Iwadare (JPN), Michiru Oshima (JPN), Eric Roth (USA), Benyamin Nuss (GER), Ben Gailer (NZ), Sophia Lai (AUS), Ryotarou Yagi (JPN).

Cover Design: George Howlett (UK), Shauno Isomura (NZ)

Mix/Mastering:  John Kim (NZ)

Audial Landscapes (2022)

Music by: -

Label: -

Genre: Classical, Contemporary

Duration: -

Description: -

Track list: -

Currently under Development

Performed by: Shauno Isomura (vln), Benyamin Nuss (pno)

Composer/Arranger: Benyamin Nuss

Cover Design: -

Mix/Mastering: -