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This will be a page where videos from the Japan Concert Tour will be uploaded along with a Gallery of Concert posters and photos from each venue. Hope you enjoy them!

Isomura Brothers

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New Video

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Japan Concert Tour [the After] page OPENS

Intro Video

A bout this tour

Tsunami Violin Concert Tour  to  Japan Concert Tour


The Japan Concert Tour although named differently, was made as a continuation to the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour in 2017.


This tour was built around our planned visit to the Tohoku region in Japan - where the Earthquake and Tsunami hit in 2011. Many people lost their lives in the tragedy and for the ones who survived are still recovering from the horror.

Through the funds raised from the Tsunami Violin Tour, and taking it directly to Tohoku - we wanted the people their to know that even from a country as far as New Zealand, there are always people thinking about them and wanting to help. We decided to give our funds to Yamada-Kindergarten in Yamada-machi, Tohoku. One of few buildings that survived the tsunami.

From this tour, and the visit Tohoku, our understanding and also the wish towards continuing to support the victims of the 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami got stronger.

Our tour was made possible with the involvement of many wonderful people - through our concerts, site visits, travel, accommodation, food and ofcourse New Zealand composer Xu Tang, Japanese composer Toshiaki Komori and Violinist Hiroko Kondo - we cant thank you enough! It has definitely been a memorable tour and i hope it will be for the ones who attended the concerts too.

Photos & Posters

P  hotos & Posters/写真とポスター

Gallery of photos taken during the tour in Tokyo, Okayama, Tomakomai, Naoshima, and Yamada-machi - as well as posters which were used for advertisement and at concert venues.

Click on the images to view it in full size.


V  ideos/映像

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