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Mazzoli Trio is about to take its music to the global stage through a collaboration with one of the greatest composers of this generation, Missy Mazzoli.


'Lies You Can Believe In by Missy Mazzoli was one of the first pieces the trio ever put together, and the group was named in tribute to Mazzoli with the aspiration for our audience to experience the same shock of brilliance wefelt in her music and with the aspiration to bring these wonderful but often less heard music of the string trio repertoire to a wider audience they deserve.

This has become, and has remained the soul and concept of the Mazzoli Trio.

The Mazzoli Trio Debut project consist of a debut album featuring world premiere recordings of the complete string quartets and trio by Missy Mazzoli released by New Zealand's leading contemporary music label - Rattle Records. The album will be followed by recitals including a world premiere work by one of New Zealand most significant composers - Gareth Farr.

We are extremely privileged to be given such incredible opportunity to launch the career as the Mazzoli Trio and we are currently working extensively to make this all a success!'

We hope for you to join us on this journey.'


Mazzoli Trio performing in the Central Conservatory of Music Recital Hall, Beijing - China

Mazzoli Trio performing Lies you can believe in by Missy Mazzoli during their pre-beijing recital in 2015.

About us

A B O U T  u s

from Left: ce Sally Kim| va Julie Park | vn Shauno Isomura

M  A  Z  Z  O  L  I    T  R  I  O

S  t  r  i  n  g   t  r  i  o  ( N Z )


“We are absolutely honored to have been given this  amazing opportunity to present the music by the most significant composer of this generation - Missy Mazzoli, and in releasing an album from New Zealand's leading music label Rattle Records.

Lies You Can Believe In, for string trio by Missy Mazzoli was one of the first pieces the trio ever put together. The ensemble was named in tribute to her name with the aspiration for our audience to experience the same shock of brilliance we felt in her music. This has become, and has remained the soul and concept of the Mazzoli Trio throughout the years.


This project is exactly what we strive to do for our career and we are extremely thankful for the support we have been gaining from people in New Zealand and abroad.


- Mazzoli Trio

“…. I was completely at the mercy of their music-making, drawn in by these musicians’ concentration and focus, the instrumental tones here given increasing weight and strength as to achieve a splendid kind of apotheosis.” 

– Peter Mechen -Middle C.

I have been consistently impressed by this ensemble's artistry and sense of adventurousness”  

– Missy Mazzoli


The Mazzoli Trio was formed in 2015 by University of Auckland Head of Music Allan Badley and Artistic Director of the Pettman National Junior Academy of Music Edith Salzmann, and consists of Shauno Isomura (vln), Julie Park (vla), Sally Kim (cello). The trio is named in honour of american composer Missy Mazzoli.


Shortly after their formation in New Zealand, The group quickly gained international attention after being invited to perform in the 2nd International PAMS Music Summit held in Beijing, China. Their recital in Beijing was celebrated with a standing ovation for their engaging performance and were praised for presenting the most unique selection of works of the summit. Members of the group have individually gained success in their solo and chamber music field, taking them to perform concerts and recital tours all over the globe including Germany, France, Italy, Scotland, China, Thailand, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Malta and throughout New Zealand, recently collaborating in concert with Jonathan Morton (Scottish Ensemble, UK) and Stephen De Pledge as a sextet, and Clio Gould (Royal Academy of Music, UK) in a Chamber Ensemble.


Between them the three members of the group, Shauno Isomura (vln), Julie Park (vla), Sally Kim(cello), they have been 1st prize winners of all major chamber music competitions in New Zealand including the Pettman/Royal Overseas League Scholarship Competition (2013), CMNZ Secondary School Chamber Music Contest (2011 and 2012), the CMNZ Auckland Chamber Music Society Prize Competition (2014, 2015 and 2016) and are recipient of the Carl & Alberta Rosenfeldt Chamber Music Prize. Members have appeared as a concerto soloist with orchestras including the Baden Baden Philharmonia Orchestra, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, International Akaroa Music Festival Orchestra and the University of Auckland Symphony Orchestra.

Within 3 years after their formation, the Mazzoli Trio have built a loyal fanbase in New Zealand and have recently returned from their concert tour under Chamber Music New Zealand which closed at a full standing ovation and an encore despite their programmes comprising of many ‘un-familiar’ names. This ‘unfamiliarity’ in their programmes have always been a unique factor of the Mazzoli Trio. A factor in which brought audiences to curiosity, then quickly converting it to absolute delight by the conclusion of each concert. Their programmes have included works by composers such as Gideon Klein, Jean Francaix, William Shield, Anthonie Ritchie and Missy Mazzoli.


The trio’s wish is to bring the often unheard yet beautiful music of the string trio repertoire to a wider audience, and to act as a forerunner of young and emerging New Zealand Chamber Music.

M  I  S  S  Y   M  A  Z  Z  O  L  I

C  o  m  p  o  s  e  r   &   P  e  r  f  o  r  m  e  r   ( U S A )


“I’m thrilled that the Mazzoli trio has expressed interest in recording my string works. I feel that these are among my strongest and most personal pieces.


The Mazzoli trio’s album will be the first professional recording of Lies You Can Believe In, Harp and Altar (commissioned and premiered by the Kronos Quartet), Quartet for Queen Mab (commissioned and premiered by ETHEL string quartet) and You Know Me From Here (commissioned and premiered by the Kronos Quartet).


I have been consistently impressed by this ensemble’s artistry and sense of adventurousness, and I feel they are the perfect ambassadors for these works.”


- Missy Mazzoli

“Brooklyn’s post-millennial Mozart” 

– Time Out New York

“….in the electric surge of Ms. Mazzoli’s score you felt the joy, risk, and limitless potential of free sprits unbound.” 

– New York Times, for 'Song from the Uproar'


As an established composer on the contemporary music scene, Missy Mazzoli's talent draws audiences equally into concert halls, opera houses and rock clubs. Her unique music reflects a trend among composers of her generation who combine styles, writing music for the omnivorous audiences of the 21st century. She inhabits an exquisite and mysterious sound-world that melds indie-rock sensibilities with formal training from Louis Andriessen, David Lang, Aaron Jay Kernis, Richard Ayres, John Harbison and others. Practically speaking, she amasses music in layers not normally found together but in ways that create matchless vertical harmonies.

Recently deemed "one of the more consistently inventive, surprising composers now working in New York" by The New York Times, and "Brooklyn's post-millennial Mozart" by Time Out New York, Missy Mazzoli’s music has been performed all over the world by the BBC Symphony, Kronos Quartet, JACK Quartet, eighth blackbird, LA Opera, Roomful of Teeth, Crash Ensemble, Britten Sinfonia, Detroit Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Minnesota Orchestra, Alabama Symphony, Phoenix Symphony, Albany Symphony, American Composers Orchestra, Sydney Symphony, Opera Philadelphia, LA Opera, New York City Opera, and many others. Soloists who have performed her music include pianists Emanuel Ax, Shai Wosner, Michael Mizrahi and Kathleen Supové, cellist Maya Beiser, and violinist Jennifer Koh. Her music has been featured at numerous festivals including the BBC Proms, Bang-on-a-Can New Music Marathon and Ecstatic Music Festival (New York), the Cabrillo Festival (Santa Cruz), and the Gaudeamus New Music Festival (Amsterdam). She has served as Composer-in-Residence with Opera Philadelphia in collaboration with Gotham Chamber Opera and Music-Theatre Group, been in residence with the Boulder Philharmonic, and was a Composer-Educator Partner for the Albany Symphony.


Read the rest of her biography HERE

R  A  T  T  L  E   R  E  C  O  R  D  S

R  e  c  o  r  d    L  a  b  e  l   ( N Z )


We are very enthusiastic about this project, and look forward to working with Mazzoli Trio for a number of reasons, particularly the quality of their musicianship and their professionalism as a performing ensemble. The compositions are excellent, and we’re confident that the ensemble will deliver strong and appealing recordings of this material, but we are also impressed by the trio’s international focus - their commitment to positioning themselves on the international circuit.

We anticipate predict will be an exceptional album to our
growing catalogue of fine New Zealand art-music.


- Steve Garden, Rattle



Established in 1991, Rattle seeks to provide an inspirational platform for the extraordinary diversity of musics unique to Aotearoa (New Zealand), and to bring this rich soundscape to the wider world. Our carefully curated catalogue boasts many award winning and acclaimed albums composed and performed by artists of quality.

Spanning classical, jazz, and world musics, every Rattle release is beautifully presented to the highest quality of sound and design.

Rattle's producers seek to draw together a sound that embodies the heritage of its indigenous peoples and those who have followed.

This is new music for open ears, intended to engage the head as well as the heart.

G  A  R  E  T  H   F  A  R  R

C  o  m  p  o  s  e  r   ( N Z )


“I have been most impressed with not only his superb musicianship, but also the very forward thinking way with which he approaches music. He is a collaborator, and is very interested in new music, and those are two things that are very important to me.


The piece has its premiere in the US in late December 2019, and I'm very excited about that - particularly with my connection to the US - first with my post-graduate study there in the early 1990s, and subsequently with many professional commissions and performances.


My music has a strong New Zealand identity, but with that is the influence of my time living in the US, from my teachers and student colleagues and my many visits and collaborations since. All of this will form some element of the work.


- Gareth Farr



Gareth Farr was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He began his studies in composition and percussion at the University of Auckland in 1986. The experience of hearing a visiting gamelan orchestra in 1988 prompted his return to Wellington to attend Victoria University, where the characteristic rhythms and textures of the Indonesian gamelan rapidly became the hallmarks of his own composition.


Farr continued with postgraduate study in composition and percussion at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, where his teachers included Samuel Adler and Christopher Rouse. In 1993, at the age of 25, Farr was appointed composer-in-residence by Chamber Music New Zealand, the youngest ever composer to hold that position.

... continues onto

the Music

the M U S I C


The album features Lies you can believe in as well as all four of Missy Mazzoli's brilliant string quartet works, originally written for and commissioned by renowned ensembles such as the Kronos Quartet and Jasper Quartet. This will be the world premiere album recordings for Lies you can believe in, You Know Me From Here, Harp and Altar and Quartet for Queen MabLive performance recordings of these works could be found on Missy Mazzoli's Official Website.

Lies you can believe in (2006)

( World Premiere Recording )

Lies You Can Believe In, for string trio, was commissioned by Milwaukee-based ensemble Present Music. The "lies" in the title are not untruths, and instead refer to the old-fashioned word for an improvised and embellished story. This type of lie is not malicious; the process of invention and the telling of the tale are ultimately more important than the truth behind the account. In this piece I created my own "lie," an invented and embellished urban folk music. The strings tell an improvisatory tale, touching upon the violence, energy, mania and rare moments of calm one finds in a city. This piece is inspired as much by modern gypsy music, punk, and electronica as it is by traditional Bulgarian and Romanian folk music. Many thanks to Present Music for engendering and inspiring this piece. 


- Missy Mazzoli

You Know Me From Here (2012)

( World Premiere Recording )

You Know Me From Here was commissioned by Carol Cole, for the Kronos Quartet, in honor of her husband Tim's 75th birthday. When she asked me to write this piece I immediately imagined a twenty-minute musical journey homeward, a trek through chaos (I. Lift Your Fists) and loneliness (II. Everything That Rises Must Converge) to a place of security and companionship (III. You Know Me From Here). This is, at its core, music about loss, but in the most positive sense; it speaks of the loss of our old selves, the jumps into the unknown, the leaps of faith we all must make and the beautiful moments when we find solace in a person, in an idea, or in music itself. The music itself shifts constantly from earthy, gritty gestures to soaring, leaping melodies that rarely land where we expect.  Many thanks to Carol and Tim, the Kronos Quartet, Janet Cowperthwaite, Katy Tucker and poet Farnoosh Fathi (for the title). 


- Missy Mazzoli

Death Valley Junction (2010)

Death Valley Junction is a sonic depiction of the town of the same name, a strange and isolated place on the border of California and Nevada. The "town" is home to three people and consists of a café, a hotel, and a fully functional opera house. Death Valley Junction is dedicated to Marta Becket, the woman who resurrected and repaired the crumbling opera house in the late 1960's and performed one-woman shows there every week until her retirement last year at age 86. The piece begins with a sparse, edgy texture — the harsh desert landscape — and collapses into a wild and buoyant dance. Marta Becket once compared herself to the single yellow flower that is able to, against all odds, flourish in the desert. This piece attempts to depict some of her exuberant energy and unstoppable optimism, and is dedicated to her. 


- Missy Mazzoli

Harp & Altar (2009)

( World Premiere Recording )

Harp and Altar was commissioned by the Kronos Quartet. At its core, this piece is a love song to the Brooklyn Bridge. The title comes from a poem by Hart Crane, in which he describes the Brooklyn Bridge as "that harp and altar of the Fury fused". The Borough of Brooklyn is impossible to describe, but the Brooklyn Bridge seems to be an apt symbol for its vastness, its strength and its history. Halfway through the work the vocalist Gabriel Kahane's pre-recorded voice enters, singing fragments of these lines from Crane's poem, The Bridge: 

Through the bound cable strands, the arching path 
Upward, veering with light, the flight of strings, 
Taut miles of shuttling moonlight syncopate 
The whispered rush, telepathy of wires. 


- Missy Mazzoli

Quartet For Queen Mab (2015)

( World Premiere Recording )

Queen Mab is an elusive creature from folklore and literature, a tiny fairy who drives her chariot into the nose of sleeping people. She enters their brains, eliciting dreams of their heart’s desire. This quartet embraces the wildness of Queen Mab’s journey and the dreams that result; Baroque ornaments twist around long legato lines and melodies ricochet between players. The music follows a sort of intuitive dream logic but returns again and again to the opening material, resulting in a sort of insistent, insane ritornello.


The work was commissioned by ETHEL, with support from ETHEL’s Foundation for the Arts and Miller Theatre.


Project by Mazzoli Trio and Rattle Records.

Performed by Mazzoli Trio and Xin James Jin, Music by Missy Mazzoli, Project organization by Shauno Isomura. Recording by Steve Garden (Rattle Records). Editing by Kenneth Young (NZSM).With kind funding support from CreativeNZ and anonymous donors. Details may change *

Kent Isomura - Shauno Isomura

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