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2 Days of Performance by Akato Trio

Two days of concerts by AKATO TRIO at the Music Theatre for the Petmann National Junior Academy Concert Series 2 and the Chamber Music Show Case, presented by the APO & the NZCT Auckland District Chamber Music Contest. These were two of our final performances before heading to Malta for the Malta International Chamber Music Competition.

# Petmann National Junior Academy Concert Series 2

We performed the complete Brahms Piano Trio No.3 C minor as the finale of the concert, it was a great experience to perform the complete work in a concert to find what we can improve on for the competition. Also Kent performed the Franck Cello Sonata 2nd movement with young cellist Joo Kim (11 yrs) in the first half of the concert. It is great to be able to support musicians of younger generations through accompanying.

# Chamber Music Show Case

Along with the several Chamber Groups from the Secondary School Chamber Music Contest Auckland District Finalists, as a guest trio - we wrapped up the first half with the 1st movement of Beethoven's Piano Trio No.1 followed by thelast movement of Brahms' Piano Trio No.3. We also ended the second half of the concert, performing the Arensky Piano Trio 1st movement and ending the concert with Tarantissimo from Helix by John Psathas. We recieved great reviews from the audience who have heard us perform before and also from the secondary school students who performed amazingly in the concert!

Approximately two more weeks until our trip to Malta, and we are thoroughly looking forward to the trip.



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