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Watts&Watts - Thursday @ Seven

The Isomura Brothers Performed at the All Saints Church in Howick for the Thursday @ Seven Concert Series - Winter Season.

Although the first day of the Wallace National Piano Festival was held at the University of Auckland Music Theatre, it didnt stop the fans of Thursday @ Seven and people from around auckland from coming.

It was fantastic to see some of our friends and teachers come to the concert to see us.

As opposed to the usual type of programme where we include a wide variety of movements and pieces, we did more of a traditional piano / violin programme and included two complete sonatas from two completely diferent composers. It was great to hear wonderful feedbacks after the concert and even during the weekend where kent met a few of the audiences at the Wallace National Piano Festival who came to our concert on thursday.

The programme was:

* Meditation de Thais / Massenet

* Violin Sonata in G minor, L 140 / Debussy

  • Allegro vivo

  • Intermède: Fantasque et léger

  • Finale: Très animé

* Piano Sonata No.30 in E major, Op 109 / Beethoven

  • Vivace ma non troppo / Adagio espressivo

  • Prestissimo

  • Gesangvoll, mit innigster Empfindung. Andante molto cantabile ed espressivo

* Tom & Jerry / Hiromi

* Zigeunerweisen Op.20 / Sarasate



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