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2 Weeks, 8 Concerts

All the concerts are done! Total of 8 concerts in the past 2 weeks. Fundraising was very successful and have made our trip to Malta and Japan smooth.

It is always a great feeling to perform in many different venues and audience to spread our music to the community.

We would like to thank all of our supporters and organizers at each venue and ofcourse to everyone of the audience who have given their time to see us perform!

We are already organizing the next concert series for the last half of the year, starting off with the debut concert in Japan Hokkaido followed by concerts at Parklane Village as the ISOMURA BROTHERS and performances at Mt Eden retirement village and kerikeri as the AKATO TRIO.

Also Shauno is selected to be the member of the Ensemble Polymnia where the concert will be held in october.

ISOMURA BROTHERS will be preparing for competitions later in the year including the IRMT Piano Competition, 48th Christchurch National Concerto Competition, Gisborne International Music Competition and the Royal Overseas League.

Very motivating year and with a lot of great experience!!



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