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an Unforgettable Experience in Malta and Japan

It has been Just over a month after our return from the amazing trip.

We have finally settled and have released our shedules for the upcoming few months of the year.

We had a wonderful time in Malta!

Experienced not only the music of numerous different countries around the world, but also got to experience new culture, met wonderful musicians and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries of Malta it self.

We were proud to play a New Zealand trio composition on the other side of the world as well and received

amazing feedback from maestros of the competition panel.

We were unfortunately not able to get a placing in the competition but in our trio's first international competition, we were able to progress to the semifinals among contestants from around europe and the world!!

The debut concert we did in Japan was also a great success, many people came, more than we ever expected in such country that no one knows the isomura brothers.

We were also featured on the local newspaper with the review of the concert.

We were worried at first as we have never played in a full japanese audience before, of how the audiences would react to the music we play but soon realized again that music is able to be spoken and enjoyed to any person in any country :)

We had such an amazing and unforgettable time during these past 3 weeks overseas and we would never been able to do this without all the support we have in New Zealand.

We can never thank everyone enough for your continuous support to us Isomura Brothers!

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