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Village Concert Series 3 & Ensemble Polymnia

It has been a while since we have performed at Parklane Village! We were welcomed with many audiences that we were farmiliar of from various music events in auckland.

As opposed to many of the concerts we have had around auckland this year, we performed on request from the village a selection of salon/easy listening music including pieces by Kreisler, Beethoven, Elgar and more.

The concert ended with Joe Hisaishi's Studio Ghibli Medley which we performed for the first time at this Village and was a great concert to end our Village concert series for 2014.

Right after the Concert at Parklane Village, i (Shauno) travelled to St mathews Church in City Central to Perform in Ensemble Polymnia for their "Classic and Romantic" Concert.

Performed the Brandenburg Concerto No.3, the rarely heard Poulenc Organ Concerto, and the Grand Brahms Symphony No.4 with many professional musicians, graduates from the university of auckland and my former violin teacher Dr Elena Abramova (Concert Master) was a sensation!

#parklanevillage #ensemblepolymnia



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