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CMNZ Tour in Christchurch and DMMF Concert in Karaka & Manukau

Already the 2nd till last concert of the tour has finished! The concert in Christchurch has quite a different feel to the previous two concerts we held at Wellington and Warkworth. Very much because we had alot of relatives come along for this concert in addition to the other audiences. 3 members of our group, Martin, Benedict, Caroline are originally from Christchurch and they were able to play to their families and friends! We performed in the beautiful Charles Luney Auditorium. The organizers at the venue were extremely nice people and we felt very relaxed even though it was the first time for all of us to perform at this venue. After returning from christchurch, Me and Kent performed in the Sommerset Retirement Village in Manukau for the Dame Malvina Major Foundation Concert series. Kent also performed in Manukau while i was away in Christchurch. It was great to meet Susan from the DMMF Auckland Committee again and of course Dame Malvina her self. We have had the privilege to play in many concerts with Dame Malvina Major throughout the years, starting from when Susan spotted me in a regional competition in auckland when i was very young. It is always great to perform in Retirement villages and taking to the audiences after the concert is always very fun.

The next concert at the Auckland Town Hall - Great Hall, will be the Final concert of the Tour!We hope to see as many people as we can there! please let people around you know about the concert!In the mean while me and kent will be busy practicing and performing in the International Masterclass series with Elizabeth Kufferath (Hoshule of Music Hannover) and preparing for the final concert!



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