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  • Shauno


The concert on Saturday marked the finale of our NZ tour! It has been such an amazing time touring with my quintet members and the New Zealand String Quartet. From the concert in Warkworth to the final concert in Auckland, I felt that members put everything they got into the music. This especially came out in the Final Concert in auckland, it was definitely the best performance of these pieces we have done. The beginning of the C major quintet always makes me excited and makes me glad i do music. This was my 4th time standing on the stage of the Auckland Town Hall as a featured musician and the first time as a chamber ensemble, it is always such an honor to stand on this stage where numerous world class musicians have performed. This chamber music tour is like an entrance of my dream and also Martin, as we both aim to be a professional Chamber Musician.

Martin (cello) is leaving New Zealand in a couple of days to Germany for his Masters Degree!

It was really great performing with him on Cello and as a leader of all the rehearsals we have done.

I just wish i played with him more in other groups before! (I wish you the very best and see you soon!)

I hope to play these quintets again, and to perform with these members again in the future!



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