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  • Shauno

Nova & Mazzoli Trio Recitals

Week of Chamber Music Recitals have ended! Me and Kent was a part of the Nova Piano Trio and i was also a part of the Mazzoli Trio continuing from last year. As the Nova trio, We performed with long time friend Davin Shin. I have known him ever since the regional competitions and the Aotea Youth Symphony Orchestra well over 10 years ago. It was such fun to have performed with him. We played the 7th Miniature by Frank Bridge and the 2nd Piano Trio by Turina which is quite rarely performed.

As the Mazzoli Trio, we performed even more rarely performed works by Haydn and Klein. It was interesting how no one knew the existence of these string trios, most surprisingly the Haydn. We held a recital at the University on the 12th for the open Chamber Music Examinations and then another recital at the St Andrews Community Centre today!

(Photo: They gave us chocolate and flowers after the concert!)

I am excited to announce that we have been selected for the Chamber Music New Zealand Society Competition Finals again this year! The Finals will be held on the Sunday 23rd of October!

Please come along to hear some fun chamber music!

Due to the time limit of the competition we will be missing out the first movement of the Klein. But the complete Haydn and two movements of the Klein will be performed that day :)



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