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  • Shauno


After the announcement of the 2016 season by the Auckland Philharmonia, i was very excited for this concert to come, and was also thrilled to hear that Stephen De Pledge was performing in the concert for the piano concerto. The FINAL SYMPHONY.

The concert was based on the music composed by japanese composers Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamazu best known for their works in the FINAL FANTASY video game series. It was fantastic to see a packed ASB theatre and to see so many young people coming to an orchestra concert for the first time! (also was happy that they first concert sold so fast that they planned a second concert!)

I think it was great way to introduce the beauty of live orchestra music to the younger generations through classically, and symphonically arranged tunes which they would be familiar of.

Having knowing the music my self i very much enjoyed the entirety of the concert, however i especially loved the Symphonic poem 'Born with the gift of magic' performed in the first half of the concert. It was an clever arrangement which beautifully told the story through music. The concert had an double encore and a huge standing ovation! I really hope the APO would do the 2nd FINAL SYMPHONY in the near future!



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