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  • Shauno

Gig in the Rain

With my gig violin in hand, i went on a mini road trip to Piha with my musician friends Martin and Tahee to perform for a Wedding event this afternoon, soon finding out that the performance was right in the middle of the beach, on sand. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, there was a rain storm right when we got to the beach area. As we had no umbrella, we were soaked :( The wind blew the wedding ornamentations and furniture every where. But the group managed to carry on with the wedding within the short amount of time given until the next lot of rain was coming. As it was hard for a string trio to get ready in such short time and because there were no emergency shades to cover all three of us, martin stepped up to perform on his own while i held the umbrella.

(The photo was taken right when he was performing.)

It was a really fun experience! but we all came back extremely tired...



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