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  • Shauno

St Mathews Concert and Anna's Recital

Performed in the beautiful St Mathews church in the city for their 2017 season launch concert as the Mazzoli Trio and also performed in our university friend, Anna's BMUS (Hons) Recital at the University of Auckland Music Theatre. So many people came to both of the events and we very much enjoyed out self performing in both the concerts :) Today marked the end of all of my friends examination recitals! Congratulations to everyone! :)

The first photo for today is of a CD cover that i made to keep in my room :)

(sorry its strictly not for sale or public streaming as the recording is for private use only and is the property of RNZ) Its a CD of our performance at the Michael Fowler Centre as the Pettman Quintet. Recorded in September this year during our NZ tour! Have been listening to this alot these days :)

The second photo is the programme and flowers they gave each of us or for the St Mathews Concert/

The third photo is from the rehearsal of Anna's recital. The lighting was fantastic! we played in the dark with just mini clip lights and a dim blue lighting from the ceiling.



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