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  • Shauno

Visitors from China & Mazzoli Trio

The Central Conservatory of Music from Beijing visited the University of Auckland yesterday! and the Mazzoli Trio was the official ambassador! We helped them out throughout the day while they toured the university and gave a lecture recital at the music theatre. It was great to make friends with so many musicians from china and being able to reunite with a member of the chamber orchestra in which the Mazzoli trio performed in during our visit in china april last year! (the photo is with him!) It was an incredibly busy day, but also had a great time meeting so many excellent musicians from the conservatory. They performed a selection of modern compositions played with a mixture of western and traditional chinese instruments. It was in a way, like the idea of Takemitsu's works and was very interesting to listen to these works! They are returning in april again next year as the University of Auckland will be hosting the PAMS summit (summit in which we performed in china in 2015) and we hope to see everyone again!



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