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Concert Announcement Part 1

Apologies for the late update! We have finally announced some of our performances for the start of 2017. We have decided to make this a 3 part announcement so that the other concerts could be planned out in a better way! The part 1 announcement features the Akaroa International Music Festival in which Kent and the Mazzoli Trio will be performing for. We are also in the Festival Orchestra for some of the concerts :) The Trio will also be performing again in the Summer in the Square Concert Series presented by Auckland Live and in association with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Also, we were very recently sent an email notifying that the Mazzoli Trio has been awarded the

Carl and Alberta Rosenfeldt Prize, given to the best chamber ensemble of the year!

Please wait a little more days for the part 2 announcement!

Todays picture is, something i found in my computer at home.

The programme for my recital in back in 2011!



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