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  • Shauno

2017 International Akaroa Music Festival

We had an absolute blast at this years International Akaroa Music Festival! We performed in 7 concerts of the festival including performing as the concert master of the Akaroa Festival Orchestra in Tchaikovsky's Serenade and Mendelssohn's Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra, Klein, Dohnanyi and Haydn as the Mazzoli Trio, Telleman's Concerto for Recorder, Flute and String Quartet, Baker's Tale and Saint Saen's Septet. It was a challenge to learn the Serenade 4 days before the festival started but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As usual, the fish and chips there was amazing and of course the beautiful scenery. The spare time we spent in our rental homes with our musician friends was definitely a highlight. They made a new fish and chips shop close to the school which had an delicious chicken burger and milkshake. The owner of the cafe next to the school remembered us from when we came to akaroa two years ago when he also moved to akaroa from the northshore.



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