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  • Shauno

Britten & Adams

For the past three days, from the day after i returned from The International Akaroa Music Festival until yesterday i was recording videos for our friend Michelle who wanted to record a audition video for a conducting workshops in switzerland. We had a great, fun and relaxed time with her and the orchestra recording rehearsal footage for Brittens simple symphony in which the mazzoli trio also performed in Beijing in 2015, and Shakey Loops by John Adams. It was definitely a change from the difficult and the more serious Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn we had been rehearsing in Akaroa but was both a fantastic experience.

Today we announced two flute clinic in which kent will be accompanying on the piano and a concert in March! There will be more concerts announced soon so please check our website every now and then! :D We also announced the repertoire for the Seijinshiki which will be held on Sunday. I will be performing a simple violin solo arrangement of the Overture from DRAGON QUEST and the famous traditional Japanese music, Haru no Umi.



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