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Japan Day Festival(s)+ Rugby

Isomura Brothers are gradually preparing for the upcoming performances at the annual 'Auckland Japan Day' followed by the 'Canterbury Japan Day' which will be our first ever appearance!

Its a great opportunity for us to connect with the japanese community both in Auckland and Canterbury region so we are very excited! We are planning to perform few japanese works arranged by our selves.

I will also be collaborating once again with Soprano Yuko Takahashi on stage!

Its a great experience for me to learn and perform japanese traditional songs with a specialist.

-relax time-

Some of you may know but i am a huge rugby fan since a very young age. Infact i used to play rugby until i had to quit to focus on my audition for university. But my love of rugby has never disappeared!

Today i had the chance to go watch the super rugby pre season match of Blues vs Hurricanes.

Was a great environment and enjoyed the game a lot. I got to take some photos with the players afterwards!

I hope i can watch more games this year! :)



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