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  • Shauno

Interview for 'Nice Japan' Website + Website Update

On Tuesday we had an Interview for the Nice Japan Website! It will be posted on their website in March, and we are already looking forward to it :) I also went for an Interview at my old Intermediate school and if all the paper works go through ok i will teach violin and string ensemble starting this month, for the year! It was quite nostalgic to come back to the school after more than 10 years, every thing looked much smaller than i remember. Interestingly i recognized all the teachers i met during the interview :P

The rehearsals for the Summer in the Square concert is going well! The Mazzoli trio had another rehearsal today, and in the concert we will be presenting our first full performance of Dohnanyi's Serenade string trio!

I will not be updating the website for a few days due to MASSIVE constructions.

We will be back with a WHOLE NEW LOOK and an EXCITING big concert announcement!

See you in a few days time!



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