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  • Shauno

Lantern fest + concert today

Last night was the first time since 1st year university that i visited the Lantern festival. We had some great street food there, was amazed by the size of the festival, and the final fireworks is something words cannot describe. I didn't think i could ever see such fireworks in New Zealand.

(photo is from the festival)

We are soon going off to a rehearsal and concert for the Mazzoli Trio's Open air recital for the Auckland Live Summer in the Square! It is free entrance to any one who comes across the aotea square, and there will be shelters and comfy seats set up already :) Please come have a listen if your are around town and would like some afternoon music :) We will be playing the complete string trio by Gideon Klein, Joseph Haydn and Ernő Dohnányi.

The planning for the new look on the website has been taking longer than i thought! so the website will still be updated now and then :)



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