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  • Shauno

Major Concert Announcement

We are delighted to announce a recital in the beautiful Renaisse Hall in Okayama, Japan.

This is will be a concert which pairs with the Japan concert we are doing in New Zealand, the Concert in Japan will showcase the music of New Zealand and Concert in New Zealand will showcase the music of Japan. It is also a collaboration concert with musicians in Japan so we are extremely excited!

Yesterday we went for a rehearsal for the Japan Day Festival and we had delicious food at the Japan Day EVE festival. We will be performing in the indoor stage so please come have a listen if you are around the city today! I had a little pre-look in the stores and food stalls yesterday after the rehearsal, and all i can say is that....... I WANT THAT PIKACHU (If you go today you will know what i mean :P)

The pics today are large size advertisements i designed for our Homepage. They are designed so features colours and/or elements of both Japan and New Zealand.

(P.S. the random numbers shown on the Auckland concert pic doesn't mean anything)



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