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  • Shauno


We are back on the web! We are sorry to keep the website still for the past 2 or so weeks.

As you see we are now not under the public website creator domain, but we have our own domain! from now on you can just type and you will be able to access this website. We have also made several changes on the website, focusing on the readability and accessibility of the pages. I hope the website is looking better for everyone :)

On the 13th, the Mazzoli Trio performed a open air recital for the Summer in the Square concert series presented by Auckland Live and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. We performed string trios by Haydn, Klein and Dohnanyi. It was slightly difficult to perform with microphones positioned very close to our instruments but we definitely had tons of fun!

On Thursday, Just a couple of days ago i started officially teaching at Northcross Intermediate School. Its great to have come back to teach at my old intermediate school after over ten years. I did a casual presentation in front of the teachers, parents and students interested in learning an instrument at the school. I introduced my self, talked about the instrument it self and played abit of Waxman's Carmen Fantasie to showcase the instrument. I will be teaching 7 violin students and a string ensemble and am excited to work with the kids throughout this year.



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