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  • Shauno

Auckland Japan Day 2017

Another amazing day of Japanese tradition, Food, Dance, Music and People. The Auckland Japan Day 2017 was an awesome summer weekend to treat our selves to. Being out for so long in the blazing sun, of course i got sun burnt but what they had on offer there was much worth the tingles. I watched as much performances as possible on the indoor and outdoor stage while i nibbled on the Kushi-katsu, Potato Croquette, Dango, Osaka style Mix Juice and numerous other selections of delicious food and drinks available on the day. We had the pleasure to meet and listen to Mr.Masao Akashi at the festival, who is the renowned music arranger of songs by numerous artists in Japan including B'z, Siam Shade, Zard and more. While searching Mr. Akashi on the web, we learnt that many songs we always loved have been arranged by him and as fans of many of these songs we were very excited to meet him on the day. 1/3 no Jyunjyou na Kanjyou is one of our favorite rock songs from Japan, also arranged by him.

The first photo is from when Mr. Akashi and the Japan Day committee band was performing on stage. Me, kent and our juggler friend Lisa komatsubara kanpai'd for their performance and to Japan day. The second photo is with Mr. Akashi him self.



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