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  • Shauno

Canterbury Japan Day 2017

We just arrived back from Christchurch this morning after performing at the Japan Day Festival on Sunday. It was our first time experiencing the Japan Day in Christchurch and we thoroughly enjoyed our self! The use of Cho-chin (Japanese lanterns) and much traditional japanese displays brought a very Japanese 'Omatsuri' feel to their festival. We brought our ISOMURA BROTHERS pamphlet with us for people in Christchurch to take and get to know about us and by the end of the festival all the pamphlets were taken, which we were very happy about :) We performed 3 pieces - Haru no Umi, Never Meant to Belong and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. The audience in Christchurch was very welcoming and apparently we had the biggest crowed of the day at the indoor stage! :D We would absolutely love to comeback again. The only regret there, was that i didn't try the Umeboshi they sold at the festival... I should of.

The pictures are from the festival + a easter chocolate we found at countdown which we thought looks hilarious.



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