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  • Shauno

Preparation for Upcoming concerts

The Isomura Brothers are well in way for the upcoming concerts in auckland and the Waiheke Island. Plenty of exciting pieces to present to everyone and some quite virtuoso stuff here and there! :P

We are introducing the violin sonata by Akira Ifukube and Sanadamaru by Takayuki Hattori for the first time in New Zealand and is an extremely rare ocassion to see the Carmen Fantasie by Franz Waxman played in a recital in this country as well! Also great to perform these exiting works on the beautiful Pressenda violin.

In my free time today i watched the film 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' in hope to gain some inspiration on the piano/violin work of the same name (the composer also appears as one of the key characters). Very interesting film, and also very interesting to see the old Britomart Train Station during the film as well. I didn't have an image to upload today, so i have attached the flyer i made for the Longbay Baptist Church recital for this coming Sunday. I hope to see some of your there! :D



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