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Tsunami Violin Tour x SANADAMARU

I had to delay the update until today due to the amount of work needed for the webpage, but today we have finally opened our brand new 'TSUNAMI VIOLIN Tour' page through our website!

We will be updating you about the tour through a variety of different features in the page.

Be sure to check it out! :D (accessible from the homepage, the button just under the picture.)

The second featured programme announcement for the Tsunami Violin Tour is the theme from Sanadamaru by Takayuki Hattori. Originally composed for the NHK Symphony Orchestra and violinist Fumiaki Miura. We will be performing the official violin & piano transcription of the work. The performance in September will be a JASRAC registered official New Zealand Premier, but for the people who visited Whittaker's Music Museum last Sunday had a listen to our lucky PRE-premier performance during the recital :)

Also the featured pick-up programme this week (or possibly for the next 2 weeks :P) is the music of FINAL FANTASY! if you are new to this name, be sure to have a quick read as well :)

Image today is a the main visual i made for Sanadamaru.

Traditional Japanese elements with a westernized twist :)



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