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  • Shauno

Tsunami Violin Tour x TAKEMITSU

It has been about a week and a half since our last programme announcement and the opening of our tour page, and today we have announced another part of our programme! This time, something quite different to either of the music we have announced so far. The Hika, composed by the possibly the most well-known composer of 20th century Japan - Toru Takemitsu (武満徹).

The image visual for Hika - The japanese words on the right are taken from the surrealist poem Saegirarenai Kyusoku (Uninterrupted Rest) included in the poetry collection Yousei no Kyori (Distance of a Fairy) written by Shuzo Takiguchi. This is a poem in which Takemitsu was inspired to write his 3 part piano work of the same name, Uninterrupted rest, and the Hika is heavily based on the sound materials presented in the Song of love, the 3rd part of Uninterrupted Rest. Ever since the university research i did back in 2016, i have interpreted this piece as a elegy for the loved - you can just see the word 愛 behind the word 悲 to show this within the image. The eye in the image has falling words representing tears. The materials are all put to the centre to portray personal time and space. The black background omits any outer noise which allows to emphasize even the slightest colour and faded writing used in the image which is likely not able to be seen on a coloured background - very much representing the characteristics of the music by Toru Takemitsu - The importance of silence and its equality with presence.

It is definitely a rare experience to hear the music of Takemitsu in New Zealand, and beauty of music by Takemitsu is most apparent when you materials from the music are explained - just like i did with the imagery :) The concert programme will include plenty of interesting imagery and readings and will sure to keep you well informed - experience music through sound, visuals, and words!



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