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  • Kent

Nelson Composers Workshop + Parklane

Last week i had 4 straight days of performing and working at the CANZ Composers Workshop

in Nelson! It was my first visit to Nelson and it was an amazing one! Very cold but not humid so i

enjoyed my little walks in the town in the morning with great coffee! (the cafe was called Kush,

you must go if you visit Nelson!)

I worked with various composers and musicians during the 4 days. One composition included a

Piano Trio for Piano, Pipa and Erhu, which i collaborated with guest artist from the Singapore

Chinese Orchestra. The work was composed by Briar Prastiti who is an amazing composer!!

Also during the workshop, i finally got to meet one of my favorite composer of all time, John


I have been a huge fan of his work since high school and have played his Piano Quintet, Helix

Tarantissimo at competitions including the Malta International Music Competition. Managed to

attend his lecture too which was very interesting!

Overall, i learnt a lot as a performer and a life that surrounds composers during the stay. I really

hope i can go back in the near future :)

Also today we started our first concert of the promotional tour in July. The audience was

amazing and the performance went very well. Three more to go this week and we are planning

more for the August series!



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