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Concert @ Manukau & Magazine Interview + Photoshoot

So many things happening this week! Yesterday we performed at the Summerset Manukau for the last of the July season of the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour Promotional Concert Series. It has been just about a year since our last performance here which was with Dame Malvina Major herself in her Foundation Concert. We performed on the 2nd floor this time and was impressed by the great accoustics the room had! We had people nodding to the rhythm on the Ifukube and Final Fantasy and many of the people took interest in our upcoming tour which was fantastic! Thank you very much everyone who came along even through this rainy weather :D

We had an Interview and photo shoot today at the Auckland Town Hall for ECUBE magazine and the web article! Hopefully we didn't look too soaked after running on and off through the rain. Really looking forward to the interview and photos coming out in august :) If you see an ECUBE at a shop near you, pick it up! its a great magazine:)

Photo: Tsunami Violin concert advertisement on the Auckland Town Hall entrance screen.



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