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  • Shauno

Concert @ Morrinsville

We made a trip to Morrinsville for a recital in the beautiful St Mathews Church and reunited with Anne who has supported us brothers since high school. A fantastic crowed came to watch the recital from Morrinsville and Hamilton (We even met a few Japanese audiences!) The programme featured many pieces we had never performed before, including the Final Fantasy, for violin & piano Part.II, Path of Wind by Joe Hisaishi and the recently announced Balatta for violin & piano by Yasushi Akutagawa (which was the final piece of the recital). Although the concert was almost an hour and half in length the audience was so energetic - Finishing off with a full standing ovation. The experience was well worth the long trip! and would definitely love to come back again soon :)

The picture is from Piako Post with a large article on our recital.



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