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Tsunami Violin Concert Tour & Whats coming up

Thank you everyone who came to the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour! It was such an amazing experience for us brothers and we hope we were able to touch your heart with our music!

I would like to talk more about the tour, upload photos, videos and blogs from each concert however i have to leave to japan in a couple of hours, to return the Tsunami Violin to the Classic for Japan Foundation in Tokyo.

In the mean time please check the Facebook page to keep up to date as Kent will be updating the page.

So, for concerts, whats coming up?

Kent will be performing Carnival of the Animals with the University of Auckland Symphony Orchestra on the 26th of this month and on the 30th Kent and I will be performing at OverloadNZ held at The Cloud, queenswarf - Auckland. It will be great opportunity for people who missed the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour to hear one of the most popular works of the tour - Final Fantasy, for violin & piano on stage in a newly revised extended edition!

Hope to see you all soon! but for now - off to japan!

Photo: The Tsunami Violin Concert Tour team at Wellington (before the concert)



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