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Update from Japan: akutagawa

Photo: a sign in Sugamo town Soganji indicating a few of many important names who rest in this town.

During the short time i had in Tokyo - i hopped on the train to Sugamo where i visited the grave of Yasushi Akutagawa - the composer of Ballata for violin and piano, and the grave of his families including Ryunosuke Akutagawa. I informed him about the tour and thanking him for allowing us to perform his unpublished work. Many of the audiences throughout the tour said that the Ballata was one of their highlights. It was such striking moment when i first discovered this piece, and am so glad many people felt the same striking moment.

Thank you Mr. Akutagawa.

Not everything is about music in Japan. I traveled to the Roppongi area to visit the Snoopy Museum.

For everyone who didnt know - i love snoopy.

Timingly, snoopy museum had its `Snoopy Band/Orchestra` theme going on for its 1st anniversary! so i was double excited.

Totally a must go place in Tokyo :)



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