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the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour

Tsunami Violin Concert Tour is finished! It was an incredible journey for the Isomura Brothers.

The Auckland Concert was sold out and we performed in the Concert Chamber to a full audience! We saw many familiar faces as well as people we have

never met! The Wellington concert had a very warm welcoming feeling for us and made it very easy to perform comfortably! Christchurch had many Japanese audiences and we spoke a lot of Japanese after the concert!

I also had my birthday on the day of the Christchurch Concert Sept 12th and there was a surprise birthday cake after the concert! That was a very new experience for me and made the end of the tour even more special.

We met so many different people during the tour, and I'm glad i finally had a part to do something for the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. But i also realized, that even it took almost the whole year to organize this charity tour, the concerts were still such a tiny contribution towards the cause, but i hope to do more events such as the tour we organized to continue to support these people going through tough times and to share joy through music!

There are many more exciting events coming up for the Isomura Brothers so stay updated with our blog, Facebook, and this official website!!



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