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October Update & Mazzoli Trio

Much planning and scheduling have been happening behind the scenes for concerts and other musical commitments happening next year! I am in eager to announce them but will hold it back for now... :P

-Mazzoli Trio-

Most recently the Mazzoli Trio did a concert at U.O.A featuring the beautiful Serenade String Trio by Dohnanyi. The concert happened after only a week of practice/rehearsal due to my self being away in the tour/japan, violist away in uk for a piano quintet concert, and cellist also away in Australia for a Cello Festival. It is always a pleasure to perform with these two and we hope to do even more concerts next year!

We recently finished uploading all of the videos from the Auckland concert PLUS an Overview video.

For those who have a busy day, watch the overview video!

Its the excerpts of the concert in only 5 minutes :)



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