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  • Shauno

Concert @ Whangaparaoa

We drove to Whangaparaoa to perform at the peninsula club on Friday and held a lunch time concert. Even though it was our first visit, we were blessed with a large crowed of audiences. The programme consisted of works we performed at the tsunami violin tour, as well as some classical favorites on the violin and piano. It was such a welcoming environment and we hope to be back here soon again!

I recently finished Final Fantasy XIII, a title which i regretfully neglected back in 2012. I recently acquired it again and finished it a couple of days ago, and i must say it was mind blowing. Many consider this as not a the best final fantasy out of the series. Some even say that the story was convoluted. Personally, i think nothing was convoluted, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. The music by Masashi Hamauzu was on point, and the colour palette they used for this title really enhanced the beautiful cinematics. There was a lot of depth in the dialogue and landscapes, which some times obviously, sometimes subtly expressed each characters development and mental state.

We performed the 'Sunleth waterscape' by Masashi Hamauzu, from Final Fantasy XIII during our tsunami violin concert tour! (its the second melody from the end of the video!




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