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FF & Sanadamaru at Japan Day 2018!

Isomura Brothers will be performing two pieces at the upcoming Japan Day 2018! 1# Sanadamaru's Theme by Takayuki Hattori, a work we performed as the opening of last years Tsunami Violin Concert Tour. A great masterpiece to open the 2018 Japan Day with excitement and energy! 2# Our very own arrangement, the Final Fantasy for Violin & Piano. As our complete arrangement is 20mins in length, we will be performing a 'Japan Day Special Version' which will have selections of music from the main series title including some that we arranged exclusively for this Japan Day! So come along to watch us perform and you might hear your favorite Final Fantasy series music :D

Here a few of what we are including in #2:

Somnus - FF XV (exclusive) Blinded by Light / 閃光 - FF XIII (exclusive)

the Dalmasca Estersand - FF XII

and many more!



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