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Japan Day this year: Part I

Another fantastic Japan Day this year! We performed early in the morning as one of the opening acts of the festival and was delighted by the amount of people already in the audience even though it was before the actual opening ceremony! We performed two popular works from the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour from last year including Sanadamaru's Theme and the newly revised arrangement of Final Fantasy, for violin and piano. Below is the list of music featured in this arrangement:

Somnus (FF XV)

Valse di Fantastica (FF XV)

The Dalmasca Estersand (FF XII)

To Zanarkand (FF X)

Main Theme of Final Fantasy II (FF II)

Vanadiel March (FF XI)

Main Theme of Final Fantasy V (FF V)

Blinded by Light (FF XIII)

We initially had a few more new tunes however was cut the day before due to it being too long for our slot :( Hopefully we could perform the full version later in the year!

The food at the festival was fantastic as always. I had garlic mayo & cheese karaage, Sesame/Soysauce/Kinako/Redbean Dango, Takoyaki, Croquet and Matcha Flan.

We also participated in the pledge-me campaign of Azumi Inoue's private concert, so we went and watched her and her daughters wonderful concert upstairs. Personal highlights were when she performed Laputa and when her daughter Yuyu performed Nausica.

I'm already excited for next years Japan Day, and hopefully i could eat Melon Bread next time! (i forgot to buy one...)

Photo is from the morning performance.



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