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Japan Day this year: Part II

Isomura Brothers performed for the opening of the 2018 Japan Day to a large crowd of audience!

This year the stage was set up in Shed10 rather than the Cloud until previous years. It somehow felt a lot more comfortable performing in this space!

Isomura Brothers also went to watch the private concert of Azumi Inoue (Singer of my neighbor totoro and several Studio Ghibli Films) and her daughter Yuyu. It was held in the Cloud and was amazing to hear familiar tunes by Azumi Inoue herself! Yuyu had a very beautiful voice who is an uprising artist (13yrds old, debuted at the age of 7!). We had the opportunity to meet them afterwards and they saw us perform at the opening of Japan Day so remembered us! We really hope to see them again in the near future. :)

I also watched their special performance at the indoor stage collaborating with other kids who were performing Studio Ghibli music at Japan Day. And another finale performance at the outdoor stage to finish off Japan Day with joy!

Another feature of Japan Day that i really enjoy is meeting people you don't see often, some friends you havnt met since primary, or people who supported your music career. A day to appreciate people around you is also an important part of Japan Day.

Overall it was another enjoyable year at Japan Day, hope to participate in this incredible event next year too!

(Photo of me and one of my favorite All Blacks/Blues Jerome Kaino at the Japan Day World Cup Booth. Yes i know i look happy :P )



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