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ANNOUNCEMENT: World Premiere of 极[Ji] by XU TANG

We are excited to announce that we will be performing the world premiere of a brand new work by New Zealand composer - Xu Tang in the upcoming Japan Concert Series.

Below are the programme notes of JI written by Xu Tang himself.

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JI 极 This work is written for piano and violin. The energy of nature is enormous, irresistible, unpredictable. Humankind is insignificant in the face of nature’s unexpected force. When unknown forces come, we feel fear, panic, helplessness. Meantime, another force that is driven by the powerful vitality of nature arises in all things, love and hope take root and burgeon in this force. The two forces interact with each other.

JI 极, means literally pole, utmost point, extreme. All things in the world have their two sides, or two polarities, such as bright and dark, loose and tight, fast and slow, high and low, positive and negative and so on, forming a very strongly contrasted energy. The two forces I explored in this work follow the concept of bipolarity as the core energy and power of the whole work.

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also the rest of the programmes were announced for the Morrinsville concert and the tomakomai concert.



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