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  • Shauno

'Distances' @ Bishop Selwyn Chapel

Tonight i went to a concert in Parnell named - 'Distances', with performers Miyata-Yoshimura-Suzuki Trio, Musikfabrik Soloists and Dylan Lardelli.

A beautiful concert of contemporary music performed on traditional Japanese instruments and classical instruments.

I missed the last time Miyata-Yoshimura-Suzuki Trio visited new zealand which was 2 years ago so when i found out about this concert, i instantly booked the ticket online.

It might have been one of the best concerts i have been in years, i enjoyed every moment. It was also my first time taking a visit to this chapel and i think the atmosphere and acoustics mixed well with the music.

I hope more of these concerts will happen in New Zealand, and i hope to perform more and more Japanese music in our concerts.



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