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CMNZ Mazzoli Trio Encompass Tour : LOWER HUTT

The last our concert in March was held at the 'Little Theatre' in central Lower Hutt.

We met many wonderful people during our short stay at Lower Hutt and received some very encouraging feed back from the audiences after the concert. It was also great to finally meet Jack from Chamber Music New Zealand who had supported us and have been communicating with us ever since the first email back in January 2017.

It was great to hear that many of the audiences really loved the programming. Many emails and discussions went towards building with this programming/programme order - and we are ever so happy to hear that they loved it! Many also mentioned that this concert introduced them to composers such as Francaix and Mazzoli, and that they were one of the highlights of the concert. I am extremely happy that the soul of the mazzoli trio really came through and that we were able to deliver what we wanted to through the concert.

During our stay at Lower Hutt, each of us members stayed at a billet. I stayed at Gary's house - who is a music teacher at Hutt Valley High School where the trio held a workshop prior to the concert in the Little Theater.

It was a pleasure working with the Students at Hutt Valley High School and was a great experience for the trio. We did some performances of movements and excerpts of concert programme, Q&A sessions as well as playing in and helping out the string orchestra of the school. They did a performance right outside the Main auditorium of the Little Theatre prior to our concert. The students were very polite and i could tell that they enjoy music alot - which is the most important thing. It was also a great pleasure taking a mini road tour around Wellington and Lower Hutt with Gary and talking to him about music. It was mind blowing when he said he had met Toru Takemitsu when he visited an Asian Music Festival years ago. Takemitsu is my favorite composer and the biggest influence in my music and way of thinking so it would have been amazing if i was ever able to see him in person.

The trio sure had a marvelous time in Lower Hutt and I will make sure to keep i touch with the community!

Next up is our first concert of the Japan Tour Series as the Isomura Brothers over in Tokyo,

and then back to NZ in June for a Concert in KeriKeri which will be our final concert of the CMNZ Encompass Tour!

Bring it on :D

*2nd photo is with Gary at the workshop at Hutt Valley High School



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