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Isomura Brothers Japan Concert Tour : TOKYO

# Tokyo - Casa Mozart

We are back in New Zealand, returning from our Japan Concert Tour!

The tour consisted of a total of six concerts including a very special performance at Yamada Machi in the Tohoku Region which experienced severe damage from the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

We arrived in Tokyo on the 16th of April in the evening, then went straight to our Hotel in Kanda to rest for our 1st concert which was on the next day! (Actually had a little night walk at Akihabara to buy some food :P )

The next morning we spent most of our time during the day just relaxing, then we both headed to the concert venue at around 5:30pm, met the concert organizers and had a little warm up practice with their Bechstein piano. The concert was full house with some late arrives sitting on the side of the stage area.

There were few familiar faces who were in Japan for a holiday at the time plus many new faces who came to our concert for the first time. We were also privilege to have both composers - Xu Tang from New Zealand and Komori Toshiaki from Japan in attendance, hearing us perform their work! On top of that - Japanese Youtuber Mr Ogawa (who i am a huge fan of!) also came to hear our concert!

We would like to thank Mr.Nakamura, Mr.Hayashi and Mrs.Sarada for hosting us in the beautiful Casa Mozart, organizing the concert, and also talking to us about future performances in Tokyo!

Would definitely love to perform here again in the near future!


DATE/TIME: Apr 16, 2018 / 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)

TICKETS: General. 1500円 | Student. 1000円

VENUE: Casa Mozart, Tokyo, Japan​


The Isomura Brothers will be embarking on a tour named the 'Japan Concert Series' - delivering the profit gathered and the prayers and thoughts we felt through the Tsunami Violin Tour in New Zealand over to Japan, and then bringing the music back to New Zealand! The concert series will involve guests artists, collaborations and premiere works, with the a unique programme comprising of music by renowned classical composers and modern masterpieces from Japan and New Zealand. The concert series will be held in Japan and New Zealand.​

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Tour Programme (2)

Takayuki Hattori


John, Psathas

Jettatura, for solo piano

John, Psathas

Gyftiko, for solo violin

Toru, Takemitsu

From Far Beyond Chrysanthemums and November Fog

Toshiaki, Komori (jp)

Noblesse Oblige

Toshiaki, Komori (jp)

Contemplation of Stars

Yasushi, Akutagawa

Ballata, for violin and piano

Xu, Tang (nz) World premiere

JI, for violin and piano

Ryuichi, Sakamoto

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Pablo de, Sarasate

Zigeunerweisen, Op.20



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