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Isomura Brothers Japan Concert Tour : OKAYAMA

# Okayama - Renaiss Hall, Okayama Castle, Ko-rakuen

We flew to Okayama the next day after our Tokyo Concert. We arrived at the Okayama Train Station and started walking to our Hotel, realizing half way that it was actually quite a long walk than we thought..

The organizer has booked us a hotel which was literally 5min walk from the Rehearsal Venue and 10mins walk to the famous Okayama Castle and the Korakuen Garden. The view was also amazing at night where the okayama castle was lighted up.

Okayama is very different from a city like Tokyo, everyone was riding a bicycle because everything is so close and there is no need for cars!

We had three rehearsals before the concert with Mrs. Hiroko Kondo, the concert mistress of the Okayama Philharmonic Orchestra. It was a great experience rehearsing with a Japanese professional musician and also our first time rehearsing in Japanese!

The concert was a huge success and there were many positive feedback from the audiences. We had an after party at a french restaurant where we all had to give a speech in Japanese about the concert experience. The party went until late at night, and next day we all had to wake early to head to the ferry terminal, our journey to the Seto Inland Sea Islands!


DATE/TIME: Apr 21, 2018 / 2:00pm (Doors open at 1:30pm)

TICKETS: General. 3000円 | Student. 1500円

VENUE: Renaiss Hall, Okayama, Japan​

PERFORMERS: ISOMURA BROTHERS | Hiroko Kondou (Okayama Philhamonic Orchestra)

The Isomura Brothers will be embarking on a tour named the 'Japan Concert Series' - delivering the profit gathered and the prayers and thoughts we felt through the Tsunami Violin Tour in New Zealand over to Japan, and then bringing the music back to New Zealand! The concert series will involve guests artists, collaborations and premiere works, with the a unique programme comprising of music by renowned classical composers and modern masterpieces from Japan and New Zealand. The concert series will be held in Japan and New Zealand.

The second concert in Japan will be a recital in collaboration with Hiroko Kondou (Concert Mistress of the Okayama Philhamonic Orchestra) at the Beautiful Renaissance Concert in Okayama.​

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Tour Programme (1)

Jean-Marie Leclair

Sonata for Two Violins Op3 no.5

I. Allegro ma poco

II. Gavotte. Andante gracioso

III. Presto

vln, Hiroko Kondo | vln Shauno Isomura

John Psathas


pno, Kent Isomura

John Psathas


vln, Shauno Isomura

Toru Takemitsu

From Far Beyond Chrysanthemums & November Fog

vln, Shauno Isomura | pno, Kent Isomura

Xu Tang (World Premiere)

Ji, for violin and piano

vln, Shauno Isomura | pno, Kent Isomura

Pablo de Sarasate

Zigeunerweisen, Op.20

vln, Shauno Isomura | pno, Kent Isomura

Johannes Brahms

Violin Sonata No. 1 in G major, Op. 78,

I. Vivace ma non troppo

II. Adagio-Più andante-Adagio

III. Allegro molto moderato

vln, Hiroko Kondo | pno, Kent Isomura

Moritz Moszkowski

Suite for 2 violins & piano in G minor, Op. 71

I. Allegro energico

II. Allegro moderato

III. Lento assai

IV. Molto vivace

vln, Hiroko Kondo | vln Shauno Isomura | pno, Kent Isomura



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