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Isomura Brothers Japan Concert Tour : NAOSHIMA

# Naoshima - Benesse House / Inujima / Teshima

There was a lot of luggage on the only bench at the ferry terminal, I guess half of them was ours lol.

We were traveling to the islands of the Seto Inland Sea with other japanese friends from Japan and New Zealand. I knew about the whole Modern art movement around the Seto Inland Sea so i was very excited to finally have the chance to look around!

First day we visited the Inujima and Teshima Islands. To make things short, i want to live in Inujima later in my life! (Thats how much i was in love with the whole atmosphere and the environment). The population of the island is 49 people. You can walk around the island in a few hours.They had a garden, where people in the island can take any veges or plants back to their home and also grow their own in the garden, and in the weekend, they have pizza together. Theirs a self service coffee there too.

After looking around the two islands, we went to Naoshima Island. We stayed the night in a gorgeous accommodation called the Benesse House. The accommodation itself was like an art museum, very unique! We also had two mini concerts at the Benesse House Lounge for the guests of the accommodation which comes from all over the world. (We literally met no Japanese guest during our stay!)

It was a huge privilege to be able to play in Naoshima with such unique background and contribution to the worlds Modern Art!



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