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CMNZ Mazzoli Trio Encompass Tour : KERIKERI

On Saturday, the Mazzoli Trio traveled up to north to the Turner Centre in Kerikeri where we performed our final concert of the tour in association with Chamber Music New Zealand.

We were welcomed by Margaret into her marvelous house which had some stunning views, beautiful art, topped with her delicious cooking! I especially loved listening to her stories on her life events!

We dropped our luggage off, went for a walk around her land - and then after abit of quiet time we drove to the Turner Centre to rehearse for the concert.

The audiences at KeriKeri were very enthusiastic! and they really seemed to love the 2nd movement of Haydn, we got called back for an encore - performing that piece once again. After the encore, they all stood up for a standing ovation - What a way to end the tour!! :D

Thank you Chamber Music New Zealand, Aroha Music Society, Tauranga Musica, Chamber Music Hutt Valley, Warklworth Music, our billets in Lower Hutt and Kerikeri, everyone who was involved in making this tour possible and ofcourse all of the audiences who came along!

We hope to come back to all of these places again in the near future to show our progress and ofcourse the album we talked about during the tour.

Thank you again!


11/03/18 Tauranga Park Auditorium, Tauranga, New Zealand

18/03/18 Old Masonic Hall, Warkworth, New Zealand

26/03/18 Little Theatre, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

06/06/18 Turner Centre, Kerikeri, New Zealand​

PERFORMERS: Mazzoli Trio (Shauno Isomura | Julie Park | Sally Kim )​

In association with Chamber Music New Zealand, the Mazzoli Trio will be holding a concert tour, performing the often unheard, yet beautiful and engaging music of the String Trio repertoire.​

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Franz Schubert

String Trio in B-flat Major, D. 471

Anthony Ritchie (NZ)

Spring String Trio​

Jean Francaix

Trio à cordes

I. Allegretto, vivo

II. Scherzo, vivo

III. Andante

IV. Rondo, vivo

Missy Mazzoli

Lies you can believe in

Joseph Haydn

String Trio in G Major, op. 53 no. 1

I. Allegretto innocente

II. Presto (Scherzo)

Erno Dohnanyi

Serenade Trio in C Major, Op.10

I. Marcia (Allegro)

II. Romanza (Adagio non troppo, quasi andante)

III. Scherzo (Vivace)

IV. Tema con variazio, (Andante con moto)

V. Rondo (Finale) (Allegro vivace)


This concert is presented in association with Chamber Music New Zealand, Turner Centre at Kerikeri and Aroha Music Society.



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