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Isomura Brothers Japan Concert Tour : TOHOKU

# Yamada-machi, Rikuzentakata - The Tohoku Region Visit

After two days of walking around the islands of the Seto Inland Seas, We had a day full of traveling..

We left the Benesse House in Naoshima early in the morning to catch the ferry back to Uno ferry terminal, then we drove back to Okayama Train Station, then on the shinkansen (Bullet train) that goes to Osaka. Then switched to Bus traveling to Itami Airport. Then flew to Hanamaki Airport. Then drove to Morioka to our accomodation. One whole day of traveling !

We had a driver organized by one of the Tsunami Violin project founder Mr. Matakawa to take us to Yamada Machi, a small town that was severely affected by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami. We were planning to rent a car and drive on our own but they advised us that it is still quite dangerous if you don't know the road quite well.

We performed at the Yamada Kindergarten, The only kindergarten in the town after the earthquake. It is hard to describe the atmosphere of the town. Its difficult to believe there used to be an actual town here, but many life was lost from the earthquake and tsunami.

The Kids were very welcoming and we thoroughly enjoyed performing for them! We also donated the funds we raised from last years Tsunami Violin Concert Tour to the kindergarten to be used for the future of these young kids.

We also visited Rikuzentakata to see the Miracle Pine Tree. It was an incredible experience to see the Miracle Pine so close by, and you look behind and see people working hard to bring this town back to life.

Overall it was an unforgettable experience. It only made our thoughts stronger to help these kids and the town as an ongoing project, and one day see this town back in better form than what it used to be!


DATE/TIME: Apr 25, 2018

TICKETS: Free Admission

VENUE: Yamada Youchien, Yamada-machi, Tohoku, Japan​


The Isomura Brothers will be embarking on a tour named the 'Japan Concert Series' - delivering the profit gathered and the prayers and thoughts we felt through the Tsunami Violin Tour in New Zealand over to Japan, and then bringing the music back to New Zealand! The concert series will involve guests artists, collaborations and premiere works, with the a unique programme comprising of music by renowned classical composers and modern masterpieces from Japan and New Zealand. The concert series will be held in Japan and New Zealand.​

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Special Programme



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