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Isomura Brothers Japan Concert Tour : TOMAKOMAI

# Hokkaido - Tomasin Hall

We had the longest stay in Hokkaido during our Japan Concert Tour. It was also a time for us to spend time with our grandparents and take them around places they wanted to visit. (I took my international license so i can drive them around!) We visited Hobetsu, Yuubari and Kyogoku. And personally i went to Sapporo to watch live concerts and also exhibitions. Hokkaido was very cold even in spring. When we drove near the mountain side there were still ALOT of snow!

The Concert was at Tomasin, a venue isomura brothers have performed twice in the past. This time there was booking from more than 100 guests for a venue that can hold around 60people! The organizer had to set up the piano in a different way and find more chairs to fit all the guests. It was a very humbling experience! The concert was again a huge success. We also performed Prelude and Allegro by Kreisler exclusive for this concert. It was requested by our grandparents. In the past two occasions as well, we try to perform a piece requested by them :)Our concert schedule was all done! We went to have Sushi to celebrate the end of the concert tour.

We met many wonderful people during our stay in Japan and would like to sincerely thank all the supporters, Concert organizers, friends and family, and audiences for making this tour happen. We hope to meet every one of you again in the near future!!


DATE/TIME: May 08, 2018 / 5:30pm


VENUE: Tomasin Hall, Tomakomai, Japan​


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Tour Programme (2.5)

Takayuki Hattori


Fritz Kreisler

Prelude & Allegro

John, Psathas

Jettatura, for solo piano

John, Psathas

Gyftiko, for solo violin

Toshiaki, Komori (jp)

Noblesse Oblige

Toshiaki, Komori (jp)

Contemplation of Stars

Xu, Tang (nz) World premiere

JI, for violin and piano

Ryuichi, Sakamoto

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Yasushi, Akutagawa

Ballata, for violin and piano

Pablo de, Sarasate

Zigeunerweisen, Op.20



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