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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Workshop/Seminar at Captial Normal University Conservatory of Music

On the second day in Beijing, we were welcomed by Gao Ping, Tang Xu and students of the Capital Normal University Conservatory of Music to hold a seminar on contemporary music techniques and a composition workshop.

In the workshop we worked on 9 brand new music for piano & violin duo composed by the students of the university, which were sent to us from the university prior to the tour. We performed all of the works and shared feedback between the students and us. It was great to do such workshops in this intimate setting as we felt we were really able to connect and talk openly between the students and us.

It is quite a rare opportunity for student compositions to be performed for them live. A lot of the time they are only able to hear them through the ear phones from their composition software so they were very enthusiastic of this workshop. We too were very excited to perform these works composed by young and upcoming composers of China and also to meet these people in person!

As much as it may have been an opportunity to learn for the students, I believe we also gained a lot of great experiences through these workshops and seminars during the tour.

Hope to see these young composers again in the near future, and we will deffinitely support them! :) All such great people and composers!

The next day, Xu took us around Beijing. We visited the Forbidden City and the National Performing Arts Centre. In the evening we had a great dinner meal with composer Yao Chen who had returned to Beijing!

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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Workshop & Seminar at Capital Normal University of Music Conservatory of Music

VENUE: Capital Normal University Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China

DATE: 10th of May 2019

TIME: 2:00 pm


The ISOMURA BROTHERS have been invited by the Capital Normal University of Beijing as a residency artist and will be holding a seminar and workshop with the composition students of the university school of music.

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Student Composition Programme:

Li Haoyue

浮、沉 (2019)

Cheng Xiao

钢琴小提琴二重奏 (2019)

He Ping

春 (2019)

Yu Shixiao

Lonely Planet (2019)

Yu Qiuyu

“走神儿”的音符 (2019)

Yu Ziyue

Melody for a Rainy Bridge (2019)

Zhou Yuhan

前奏曲 (2019)

Wang Zhe

小提琴与钢琴 (2019)

Peng-peng Liu

Reflections in A Sleet-Ceased Night (2019)

This event is presented in association with the Capital Normal University Conservatory of Music, in Beijing.



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