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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Recital at South China Normal University Concert Hall

After what has been a great couple days in Beijing, we took off to another city in China for our next residency. South China Normal University School of Arts in Guangzhou.

As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were welcomed by composer Xing from the university. He studied in the United States of America for several years and recently settled back into China so he was extremely fluent with his english! He is a really down to earth and great guy!

We were absolutely blow away when Xing told us that the university is built into an island consisting of 10 different universities! Its an island dedicated to universities and it has their own massive shopping mall! All the universityhave their own gates and are incredibly massive too.

Just like our experience in Beijing, everything was so well organized here as well! They took care of us and help us throughout the residency. The hotel and food was wonderful too! Although it was within the same country, the food and overall atmosphere was very different! It sure is an interesting experience! :)

Our first event in Guangzhou was a recital. In this recital, Kent gave short explanations of each piece before we performed it and Xing was able to translate this for us in Chinese for the listeners to get an insight on the meaning of the music they are listening to.

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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Recital at South China Normal University Concert Hall

VENUE: Concert Hall, South China Normal University School of Music, Guangzhou, China

DATE: 13th of May 2019

TIME: 7:30pm START (7:00 pm DOORS OPEN)


The ISOMURA BROTHERS have been invited by the South China Normal University of Guanzhou as a residency artist and will be performing a recital of contemporary music from China, Japan and New Zealand. The programme will include a world premiere of a work by Chen Yao - Associate Professor of the Central Conservatoire of Music Beijing.

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Xu Tang

JI (2018)

John Psathas

Jettatura (1999)

John Psathas

Gyftiko (2010)

Zhang Fei

Field Scenery (2016)

Gao Ping

Questioning the Mountain (2008)

Toru Takemitsu

Distance de Fee (1951)

Toru Takemitsu

Hika (1966)

Toru Takemitsu

From Far Beyond Chrysanthemums and November Fog (1983)

Chen Yao

Inquietude (2011/2019)


This event is presented in association with the South China Normal University School of Music, in Guangzhou.



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